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Precision and quality defines relaxed style.
Designed in Switzerland. Handcrafted in Germany.

Relaxed Style redefined

Lookbook Edition 2

Edition 2

Relaxed style
made from finest italian wools
designed and developed
with Swiss precision.

Cosy layering pieces
uniting style and comfort with
provenance and responsibility.

Created for people
who want to know
that each garment is positive
in its manufacture,
aswell as in its experience

Designed in Switzerland
Handcrafted in Germany

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Relaxed Style

Stand out. Hide away.

Our philosophy is driven by the heritage of activity apparel.

We are inspired by clothes that combine sport, everyday comfort and ease of movement, with textured warmth and cosiness to shelter within.

Feel great. Look great.

philosophie 02

Handmade precision

Timeless Style

Carefully designed and developed with Swiss precision. Meticulously handmade in Germany using only the finest Italian materials. Each item and every detail is considered and delivered to a rigoros standard of excellence.

Mode with soul.

philosophie 03

Love lasts

A belief beyond fashion.

We Care.
We are design and production sensitive.
We consider the impact of every process along the journey.

From using fabrics like Caregora™, the first quality certified angora fibre, to sourcing locally and ever refining our processes.

Our style goes further.


Daniela Huber


The Sloww design philosophy is guided by its founder, Daniela Huber, an Austrian creative professional, established, living and working for over 15 years in Berne, Switzerland.

She has spent her career as designer, consultant and creative director, inspiring international brands in the fields of fashion and sports.

A vision to bring these two worlds closer became a reality in 2015. Uniting a new level of style and comfort with provenance, authenticity, responsibility and uncompromising standards in design and production. Created for people who want to know that each garment is positive in its manufacture, as well as in its experience.

The inspiration for Sloww lies deep within the human spirit of adventure. It’s in us all to travel, escape and reconnect with nature and the ‘real world’. Sloww offers the chance to defy the speed of modern life, giving people style they can relax into. To enjoy the beauty of today, we all need space and time.




Daniela Huber
Könizstrasse 161
CH-3097 Liebefeld
T +41 31 981 01 42

Agency Switzerland:

MPH Agentur
T +41 79 457 98 22


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